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Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary Turkey Story Time!

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

This marked the last storytime in the fall series with Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary. We used stories, songs, and movement to celebrate a truly unique bird...the turkey! With a excellent turnout of about 20 kids this was a great way to end this series and everyone left taaaalkin' turkey!

We touched feathers, moved like turkeys and even listened to different turkey calls. I'm a Turkey by Jim Arnosky was a huge hit. I love his artwork and rhythmic writing style.

While turkeys were the theme of this storytime, we did have a surprise guest at the end. Toby the chinchilla made his grand debut! This may have been his first program, but he was a super star! He patiently allowed all the kids to pet and admire his super soft fur.

Toby sure knows how to wow the crowd!

Ok, Ok...He amazes me too. :-)

After the storytime, the kids made pinecone turkeys and their very own turkey callers. I'm sure the parents and chaperones were thrilled with that last craft all the way home in their cars.

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