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Legless Lizard
Pseudopus apodus

Mr. Wigglesworth will demonstrate how he got his name as students (and most adults) learn the true difference between a snake and a lizard. 

Blue-tounged Skink
Tiliqua scincoides 

Captain Blueberry joined the Doodlebug team after his owner was deployed. He now enjoys wowing kids with his beautiful blue tongue.


Chinchilla lanigera

Toby was brought to Doodlebugs after his family realized he needed a little more care. They were so good to him prior to his arrival, that he is now a confident little cuddle monster.

Gopher Snake
Pituophis catenifer

Checkers was the first animal brought on to the Doodlebugs team. Like all gopher snakes he has a checkered pattern along his back perfect for camouflaging in many different habitats.

Pixie Frog
Pyxicephalus adspersus

Tinkerbell has been with Doodlebugs since November 2017. At that time he/she was the size of a silver dollar! Since then he has grown to about the size of a softball! When he/she is done growing she could be the size of a dinner plate!

Bearded Dragon 
Pogona vitticeps

Pumpkin was donated to Doodlebugs in October 2018 and has been a wonderful addition. She is blind in one eye but that doesn't stop her from enjoying the finer things in life, like catching insects and taking a nice soak . Kids love to feel how spiky she is and marvel at her bright coloration. 

Green-cheeked Conure
Pyrrhura molinae

Pipkin McSqueeker the Super Green Cheeker, or Pip for short, has been a fantastic addition to Doodlebugs. He is currently in training and getting comfortable in crowds. When he is ready, he will be an excellent addition to our programs!

Stick Insect 
Medauroidea extradentata

Sticky McStickerson is from the forests of Vietnam. As a camouflage master, her superpower is hiding from predators. She is also the reason why my husband is no longer allowed to name any animals.

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach
Gromphadorhina portenosa

Romeo & Juliet are fascinating arthropods. As decomposers they fill a vital role in the natural world. Listen closely as they hiss like a snake when threatened!

Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula 
Grammostola rosea

Chili Bean is a beautiful tarantula from South America. She is docile and a wonderful addition to teach kids about spiders.

Vinegaroon (Whip Scorpion) 
Mastigoproctus giganteus

Vinnie is one of the more prehistoric looking species housed at Doodlebugs. While resembling a scorpion, these arachnids are more closely related to spiders.

Russian Tortoise 
Agrionemys horsfieldii

Kosmo, another rescued member of the team, is named after his celestial heritage. In 1968 Russia sent two of his species around the moon and back to earth! We certainly think his cuteness is out of this world.

Giant African Millipede
Archispirostreptus gigas

This giant diplopod plays an important role in his ecosystem acting as a detritivore.  This particular species is notable for its great size, sometimes reaching 12 inches or more in length and earning him the name "Maximus."

Leopard Gecko

Eublepharis macularius

"Gary" was donated to Doodlebugs in October of 2018, where we informed the previous owners that she is, in fact, a girl! Unlike other geckos, leopard geckos have eyelids.  They also lack lamellae on their feet so they can't climb walls.
Domesticated Rabbit

Oryctolagus cuniculus domesticus

Sunny and Luna were rescued as a bonded pair from a local animal shelter. They love to groom each other and hop around outside. They are a very cuddly and sweet addition to our animal line up.
Superworm (Larva) & Darkling Beetle

Zophobas morio

Superworms are the larva form of the Darkling Beetle, a type of stink bug native to Central and South America. They are a well loved food source for many of the animals here at Doodlebugs. But we also bring them to Meet and Greets, Life Cycle Programs, Bugs and Spider Storytimes and more. Kids (and Adults) love to reach their hand into the worm bin and let them crawl around. Not a fan? That's OK, there are many other less creepy animals and Biofacts to explore in our programs!
Mexican Milk Snake

Lampropeltis annulata

Dulce is an extremely colorful addition to the Doodlebugs lineup. Her bright colors serve an important function in nature, as they mimic venomous snakes like the coral snake. However, she is non venomous and is as sweet as her name suggests. 
Columbian Boa

Boa imperator

This handsome individual is Nubs! He is a species of boa constrictor naturally found in Central and South America. He is gentle and curious, and makes a great addition to our learning programs.
Whip Spider

Damon diadema

The Dread Pirate Roberts, aka "Bobby" for short, is a whip spider or "amblypygid" an arachnid typically found in Africa. When he came to Doodlebugs he was missing one of his long front legs. With the way he moves, he looks like he should be waving a small saber much like the pirate from whom he got his name!
Blue Death Feigning Beetle

Asbolus verrucosus

These fascinating creatures, also known as the desert ironclad beetle, like to act for an audience. These beetles have a unique way of avoiding predation.  They  "feign death" by flipping on their back, sticking their legs out, and lying still mimicking a dead animal. Our population of beetles, Marlon Brando, Daniel Day Lewis,  and Robert De Niro, are named after some of the greatest method actors due to the fact that they can hold this death pose for up to 2 hours!
My project.jpg
White's Tree Frog
Litoria caerulea

These massive frogs are native to Australia, southern New Guinea, and Indonesia. Commonly called "Dumpy Frogs" they store fat above their eyes giving them an adorable chubby look. These frogs are quite use to being around humans. However, when frightened will emit an ear splitting distress call!

Crested Gecko

Correlophus ciliatus

"Roberta" is named after Robert Seipp one of the scientist that rediscovered this elusive gecko after they were thought to be extinct for almost 100 years!
My project (2).jpg
Peppered Cockroach
Archimandrita tessellata

While these roaches DO have wings, they spend their time hidden in leaf litter on the rain forest floor.  Archie and Tesla like to fly at the camera while participating in my VIRTUAL live animal shows! 

Tomato Hornworm

Manduca quinquemaculata

This beautiful green caterpillar, named Heimlich after "A Bug's Life," will not stay plump forever. After eating everything is sight, they will pupate into a large moth. Please note, this animal is not always available. :)

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