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About Rachael

          I always knew I would work with animals. My love for nature has only ever been rivaled by my love for performing. While I can remember experiences in nature as far back as my memory goes, my first time on stage was in third grade. I played an elf. I made a great elf, just saying. I never dreamed I would be able to combine those two loves and create something I am proud of, I believe in, and enjoy every minute doing.

          I have a degree from Humboldt State in Wildlife Conservation and Management. That program gave my love for all things “-OLOGY” and spurred me to continue my education through  the Exotic Animal Training & Management Program at Moorpark College. The EATM program is a 2 year intensive program that focuses on animal care, training, ethics, and education. It allowed me to work hands-on every day with various exotic animals and, while the staff there was phenomenal, the animals were my best teachers.

          After finishing my degrees, I was hired by the Wildlife Learning Center in Sylmar, CA where I gave hundreds of live animal programs to all ages. I have had the unique privilege to work with monkeys, foxes, sloths, alligators, serval wildcats and more. I brought animals to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and Late Night with Conan O'Brian. I even got to meet Betty White and Mr. T! 

          While interesting animal experiences are always fun, classroom visits have always been my favorite. I love seeing the wonder and curiosity in the students' eyes. Now that my youngest has started school I hope to continue to share my passion for nature with others. This hope became Doodlebugs (a nickname for my children).  

          I find young children are just beginning to really form opinions about the world around them. They are curious and everything is an adventure. I hope to harness these natural traits in my interactive programs. I encourage my own children to ask questions about the world around them. A curious mind will change the world. My goal is to help my children, and yours, change it for the better.


      Bachelor of Science Wildlife Management and Conservation             Humboldt State University (2006)

      Minor in Theater Arts

       Associate of Science Exotic Animal Training and Management         America’s Teaching Zoo (2008)

       Project Wild Curriculum Workshop                                                     Santa Ana Zoo (2017)

       Wildlife Handling and Restraint                                                          CDFW Rancho Cordova (2002)



             Lead Biologist/Manager/Events Coordinator       Wildlife Learning Center, Sylmar

                               Professional Actor                                                  Redwood Curtain Theater, Eureka

                               Nature Storytimes                                                  Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary

                               Animal Care Volunteer                                           Environmental Nature Center

                               Volunteer Wildlife Educator                                   Wright Refuge, Eureka

                               Volunteer Wildlife Rehabber                                  Wildhaven Ranch, Cedar Glen 

                               Daisy Girl Scout Troop Leader                                (Current)

                               Mom                                                                         Forever

Proudly serving Orange County, CA

Rachael Wallman


Tel: 657-333-8126

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