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P.A.D.R.E. Event

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

With juggling mommy responsibilities, growing the business, caring for the animals, and being my daughter's Girl Scout Leader, it has been pretty hectic here! I still wanted to make sure to share an amazing experience I had last weekend. But first, let me back up a bit. When I was 14 years old I wanted to play basketball. In order to try out for the team, my school required students to get a physical. Unfortunately, instead of tryouts that year, I found myself in the hospital for a full week. Turns out I had myself a pesky autoimmune disease called Diabetes mellitus...AKA Type 1 Diabetes, AKA juvenile onset diabetes, AKA insulin dependent diabetes. FORTUNATELY, doctors caught my disease early and with proper care I can live a regular life.

This brings me to the wonderful event I had the privilege to attend last weekend. I was able to bring my animals for a camp in Angeles Oaks supporting the PADRE foundation. This organization helps kids deal with this disease. See, diabetes doesn't care if your a kid. And can you imagine being told you will have to get shots EVERY DAY for the REST OF YOUR LIFE in order to live? That you will have to control and keep track of everything you eat? That you will always be a little different?

The PADRE foundation is an Orange County based organization that "aims to inspire kids to lead AMAZING lives until a cure is found." This organization doesn't just helps kids and their families learn how to manage their diabetes, though they do an excellent job with that. Perhaps more importantly, they help kids shine, smile through the scary, and feel strong and secure and realize that type 1 diabetes doesn't define them. I am so happy I was able to bring my animals to make these kids smile even more, and be another example of a diabetic living my dreams!

For more information about the PADRE foundation please visit here

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