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Clownfish/Anemone Craft!

Check out this fun and SUPER easy craft you can do at home with your kids! Or by yourself if you are into that sort of thing :) #nojudgment #craftsarefun

First off, if you have already watched my Animals Working Together Storytime, please watch it here and be sure to like and let me know what you thought!

Making videos is certainly new and VERY daunting! Should I make more? :)

On to the craft!

Step 1: Gather your supplies. You will need 2 sheets of construction paper per anemone. Any color is fine, use your imagination! Crayons or markers, tape, scissors (anyone else find themsleves saying "s-K-issors" when you spell that out?) , a pipecleaner.

You will also need your clown fish! Which you can find here, along with the lyrics to my silly song :)

Step 2: Cut your construction paper in strips about 1/3 to 1/2 way down the paper. Keep the construction paper in landscape not portrait. Which my husband has just informed me is "hot dog style vs hamburger style" Apparently he went to a better school growing up.

Your construction paper should look like this when you are done!

Step 3: Roll your paper up to and secure with tape (because I can't be trusted with glue sticks) to secure. And now you have your anemone!

Step 4: Color in your clownfish! You can be super creative here, but I went with the "traditional" colors of orange and white. #crayola (I don't get paid for that plug, unfortunately)

Step 5: Tape...yes..TAPE..your pipeclearner to the back of your fishy, or double up your fishy with glue in the middle to make it more 3D! Ooooohhhh...Aaaahhhh.....

That's it! All done! I hope you all had fun! Now go impress the world with your rendition of "Have you ever seen a clownfish" and send me a picture of YOUR anemone and clownfish craft! I can't wait to see what you all came up with!

Happy crafting and STAY CURIOUS!

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